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Revo/E-Revo Wing, Exo-Carbon Finish 5446G

Revo/E-Revo Wing, Exo-Carbon Finish 5446G

SKU: 020334544667

Wing, Revo® (Exo-Carbon finish)/ decal sheet


The Traxxas Revo wing and wing mount are the latest additions to the performance accessory line-up for the six-time National Champion Revo 3.3. The combination of the adjustable deflection angle, wing height, and the unique wing design allow tuning options for any track condition and driving style. The wing mount kit includes the mount, hardware, and installation instructions. The wing is available separately in white, black, or the new Exo-Carbon finish.


Accessory part for these models:


E-Revo® VXL Brushless

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