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3.8" White Dished Wheels & Response Pro Tires

3.8" White Dished Wheels & Response Pro Tires

SKU: 020334537584

The Response Pro tires are the ultimate in off-road racing performance. A taller profile increases side bite and offers better bump handling, while the new tread design and ultra-soft compound stick to the track surface. The outside row of spikes are contoured to provide just the right amount of side bite for smooth, predictable turn-in. The Response Pro racing tires come equipped with race-tuned foam inserts. 3.8" dish wheels are the perfect match for the Response Pro racing tires. The dish wheels include uniquely molded hexes that lock into innovative splined 17mm hexes for increased torque handling and rock-solid alignment.


Tires & wheels, assembled, glued (white dished 3.8" wheels, Response Pro tires, foam inserts) (2) (use with 17mm splined wheel hubs and wheel nuts, part #5353X)

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